Serenity Now is a source for mixes. We partner with brands to curate playlists and develop a sonic identity to fill spaces with a vibe to remember. 

Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants and Bars like

Pebble Bar, The Arizona Biltmore, Nihi Sumba, Ace Hotel, Little Cat Lodge, Temple Hotel, The Dominick Soho

Companies and Brands like

The New York Times, Nike, New Balance, Opening Ceremony, TED, Daybreaker, Belong Center, Mina, Ume Design

Feelings and things like

Road trips, early mornings, working from home, weddings, holiday parties, corporate outings, new relationships, meeting someone halfway, telling a secret, brand identity pitches, waiting in line, birthday parties, gallery openings, happy hours, watching paint dry, planning vacations, curing sensory overload, break-ups, when the seasons change, group retreats, plants, offices, friends, lovers, ex-lovers, lingering, loitering, making breakfast, quarantining, tragedies, spring cleaning, beach days, lovemaking, cooking, crowded subway commutes, workouts, dance parties, long plane rides, airbnb-ing, taking baths, etc

We also provide Graphic Design and Design Direction services, which (might we say) pair nicely with sound.